Presto Strings

Double Bass strings


Prestoflex_L_200 Prestoflex strings are our new versatile steel string. Our design goal was to give them a warm, powerful but even tone in all registers, and a well balanced pizzicato sustain. They also have a very good bow response, so Prestoflex are perfectly suited for both Jazz and Orchestra.
Prestoflex are made with a sleek polished chromesteel wrapping on a flexible steel rope core. Available in 3/4 length and in Light and Heavy gauge.

Presto Nylonwound

Presto Nylonwound-strings for double bass were designed to combine the unique sound of natural gut strings with the convinient properties of steel rope core strings. Unlike gut strings, Presto Nylonwound-strings strings stay in tune under temperature and humidity changes. They also have a short break-in time.
Presto Nylonwound-strings have a dark and mellow, but big tone with a strong sustain. They are of comparable low tension. They are an excellent choice for jazz, rockabilly or bluegrass bass players, searching for this particular “old school” double bass sound.
Presto Nylonwound-strings have a core of braided steel rope, wrapped with silk and metal wires. Finally, they are wound in a white-translucent polyamid monofil, and polished to a flat, smooth surface. Compared to other steel strings, Presto Nylonwound-strings are of very low tension. They are very easy to play. The thicker gauges and the smooth polyamid-surface lead to a very pleasant playing feel under your fingers.
nylonwound stringsPresto Nylonwound-strings are ideally suited for pizzicato and slapping techniques. For bowing, we recommend to roughen the bowing area with fine sandpaper, and to apply rosin directly on the strings. If strings of thinner gauges were used before, some setup work may be necessary at the saddle and bridge string notches. Due to their steel rope core, Presto Nylonwound-strings also work well with magnetic pickups.

Presto strings are available for orchestra tuning (GDAE) in the following four tensions/gauges:

gauge colour code E A D G
medium - M red 3.80 mm
35.5 kg
3.10 mm
28.5 kg
2.50 mm
26.0 kg
1.90 mm
23.0 kg
light - L orange 3.60 mm
28.0 kg
2.80 mm
25.5 kg
2.40 mm
23.5 kg
1.75 mm
21.5 kg
ultralight - UL yellow 3.30 mm
23.5 kg
2.55 mm
21.0 kg
2.25 mm
20.0 kg
1.65 mm
20.0 kg

(colour code = colour of yarn winding at the ends of the string; diameters/string thicknesses in mm, tolerance +/- 0.02 mm; tension in kg)read reviews


Presto Jazzicato + Jazzicato Tungsten

JazzicatoPresto Jazzicato strings are a further development of our popular Presto Nylonwound string. They have a improved steel rope core and a black Nylon wrapping.
Compared to our original Presto Nylonwound strings, the Jazzicato strings have a slightly smaller diameter. But they still have this smooth surface feel, which makes them different to other steel strings.
This particular surface feel and the low tension make the Jazzicato strings very easy to play. The powerful, dark sound, the percussive punch and the unobtrusive sustain give the Jazzicato string their very own character – ideal for Jazz pizzicato, but also suited for Slap bass and Bluegrass.

jazzicatoBy using Tungsten wire for the wrapping, we were able to give them more tension and sustain than our original Nylonwound strings, but a smaller diameter. This gives the Jazzicato Tungsten a more “contemporary” character.



gauge colour code E A D G
Jazzicato red 3.30 mm
2.70 mm
2.10 mm
1.75 mm
Jazzicato Tungsten orange 3.00 mm
2.25 mm
2.10 mm
1.75 mm

read reviews

Jazzicato Salt’n’Pepper

SaltnPepper_250Jazzicato make a perfect match with gut strings. Our Salt’n’Pepper set consists of Jazzicato E+A, and blank gut G+D strings.

Presto Balance

The Balance double bass strings are crafted with steel rope cores and wrapped with chromesteel. They break in quickly and achieve a stable tuning within a very short reviews


Presto Balance Orchestra (Black Label)

The Balance Orchestra strings are optimized for arco technique. They have dark, powerful sound, and are very easy to bow.

Balance Orchestra strings are available for 3/4 string length in Medium and Light gauges (EADG)., as well as in Solo tuning (F#HEA).

Presto Balance Hybrid (Blue Label)

The Balance Hybrid strings are optimized for both arco and pizzicato techniques. Played pizzicato, they have a voluminous sound and long sustain. Nevertheless, they are easy to bow.
Balance Hybrid strings are available for 3/4 string length in Medium and Light gauges (EADG), and ½ string length.

Presto Balance Fractional (Green Label)

Presto Balance FractionalPresto Balance Fractional are designed for fractional sized double basses. They have a low tension and small diameters, so they are easy to play even for children.

They have a steel rope core, wrapped with tungsten and chromesteel.

Presto Balance Fractional strings are available in 1/4, 1/8 and 1/10 string lengths.